Our Fabric has been tested effective 99.99% in fighting against SARS-CoV-2 in 30 minutes

Our every product is unique and out of the box. Fabric material of our products are powered by vesicle technology which destroys the protective shell of virus along with silver technology which kills the virus.

Yes, you can wash them, in fact the efficacy of fabric against viruses and other pathogens is 100% up to 30 wash cycles.

Every Nyokas product can be wash just like normal clothes. Only be gentle on it and wash it at 40 degrees Celsius.

No, we absolutely do not recommend that to anyone. Our products are protective shield against pathogens which can be neutralise when came in contact with fabric’s surface. It is a kind of self-sanitizing clothing.

Masks protects you from virus and gives you sense or safety. The textile provides a large hosting area for bacteria and viruses, benefiting their carry over and many viruses & bacteria are pathogens that can lead to severe sickness and mortality thus we recommend that use of masks and coveralls both are a necessity.

Once in a week is fine or in 5-7 days. As all pathogens are neutralized, the clothes will smell fresh and odourless all the time.

The products are 100% made in India right from the fibre to the fashion.

Our products are certified. They are safe and sustainable as all the ingredients are cosmetic grade, bio-based (72% bio-based carbon (2), 26% hydrocarbon, 2% micro silver) which will keep your skin safe and protected.

– Hypoallergenic provides a self-sanitizing and germ resistant surface, hence no harm to your skin.

The antimicrobial performance was unchanged after 7 years of shelf-life