With an aim to develop safe and durable clothing options, we integrated technology and textile. Since its inception in 2014,  we have been developing cutting-edge fashion technology for defense and paramilitary forces. 

Nyokas TechnoFashion has merged antibacterial and antiviral textiles with sensors and smart temperature control technology. From antibacterial masks to baby coveralls, t-shirts to bedsheets, we offer a complete range of safe and durable products.

We’re happy to help. If you have any questions regarding a product or an order, please feel free to reach out to us at-  info@nyokastechnologies.com

Our Mission

Your safety is our only priority. With an objective to empower people with TechnoFashion, our team of young & experienced professionals bring out the technologically advanced smart clothing range. Through a fusion of fashion, technology & nano-science, we safeguard you at every step

Our Vision

Nyokas was founded with a futuristic vision to take clothes beyond what’s just trending. With our smart clothing, we aim to make your life safer, easier, and more comfortable. Our apparels fit you like your own skin and protect you from viruses & bacteria like armor. Nyokas TechnoFashion is a commitment to keep you ahead of time.

Military Products

Heath Care Products

Safety Products

Industrial Products