Coverall 360-Degree Protection

Complete protection to shield you from virus, bacteria and fungus to make you feel safe and secure every time you step out of your home. It regulates body temperature to make you feel pleasant all the time and can last up to 30 wash. Odourless coveralls which come with High Altitude Clothing which give you a comfortable journey wherever you go.

Masks for Pro-Level Safety

One fancy matching mask is not enough to protect you from viruses and bacteria. You need better protection and we have the solution. Made of highly breathable jersey knit fabric which is safe for skin and comes with non-toxic and non-irritant features. These Antiviral masks are important for your everyday life to make it more comfortable and safe.

Bedsheets with Thermoregulation Technology

Did you know pillowcases and bed sheets have 39 times more viruses than your pet food bowls? Not just your body, we shield your bedrooms too. Our antiviral bedsheets make your home beautiful and protected. Bedsheet fabric is a mix of cotton and elastane to make it non-toxic and non-irritant. Complete Antiviral protection with thermoregulation. Home is where you feel most safe, secure and comfortable and to make it warmer for you.

Coveralls 100% Safe for Babies

No virus or bacteria can ever touch your little munchkin. Baby Coveralls- for a stress-free stroll and with 100% care. With Antiviral, Antibacterial and Antifungal features, it also comes with hypoallergenic fabric for your baby’s sensitive skin. Your baby deserves all kinds of love, care and safety and Nyokas Baby Coveralls are here to give it all to your little bundle of joy.